Lilac Naturals laid its first stone in Kolkata to bring righteousness to your daily beauty and bath products. We as a team were always amazed by the ancient Vedic science of healing. We were astonished that how prosperous Vedic science was during ancient times, in terms of skin, health care, and hair care.

We uncovered that today the cosmetic industry in India is primarily superfluous, ostentatious, chemical laden, and lags in terms of skincare and wellness, whereas other countries even being densely tainted, and populated use a plethora of products that are grandiose in their approach without delving into human’s core requirements.

In this changing scenario we found that it was imperative to introduce a brand that could render its services to the masses taking care of their skin in a complete organic way, without being a burden on their pocket. while setting lilac up, our motive was to provide skincare, healthiness, and wellness in a complete chemical-free way, amidst the altering lifestyle and surging pollution.

Here at lilac, we have tried our best to revive and recreate ancient Indian formulations through modern available techniques, and have achieved some of them in our scrubs, skincare, and hair care products. while using lilac’s organic skincare products not only will you reap the benefits of beautiful skin, but also can relish them guilt-free as no animals have been harmed while testing and making of these products.

Lilac Natural’s skincare products are not only better for the environment but also pave the way to stop the usage of synthetics/chemicals in skin care products. They are for the refinement of your skin. Lilac Natural’s skincare products abstain from the use of any such chemicals that are harmful for the nature and use only natural ingredients. So, they cause no harm to the surrounding plants and animals.

“We bring a sudden catharsis even as the rain from the skies harmonize with the drops from their eyes, as pearls from diamonds drop.”

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