Daily bathing is very important in Ayurveda, water has been regarded as a great purifier from very ancient times in India.

Use Lilac Natural’s Coffee Scrub or lilac natural’s honey-sugar-oatmeal scrub Thrice in a week-:

  • *exfoliate dead cell of your outer most layer of skin.
  • *It allow skin to absorb moisturiser better.
  • *Scrub unclog pores and prevent ingrown hairs,
  • *Promotes efficient circulation and skin cell turnover, smooths and polishes the skin but also draws out impurities.
  • *Coffee Scrub has salt and salt detoxifying properties,
  • *Its trace minerals are natural purifiers that draw out pore clogging toxins and relieve congestion.
  • *Honey-sugar-oatmeal scrub has sugar and brown sugar has glycolic acid which is known to make skin fairer.

How to use scrub

  • *Use lukewarm water to soften the skin
    *Take two table spoon of scrub (add into spoonful of water if needed)Apply scrub in circular motion, start from your feet and move upward towards your heart to enhance circulation
  • *leave it for 5 to 10 minutes
  • *Rinse thoroughly
  • *Use Lilac Natural’s whipped soap after it
  • *rinse thoroughly with water
  • *soak excess water with a clean towel
  • *use gulabari water or body toner
  • *apply moisturiser or lotion after that

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