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Write up Organic Honey:

Lilac Naturals Organic honey is sourced from different places like Sundarbans West Bengal , Tamil Nadu ,Uttarakhand and different other farms after extensive travel, research and scrutiny, before sourcing the honey we make sure that we visit the collection center whether it is in Uttarakhand, Sundarbans or Tamil Nādu so that we can bring the best to our consumers. once we bring it to our facility, we pack them in small containers with utmost love and care so that it could be made readily available to our customers. while sourcing our honey we have always kept in mind  to help pity and small beekeepers and do try sourcing it from those  who do not at all compromise on their quality. The reason behind choosing them is that it could encourage them to do propel forward in their field and help them in their livelihood. We sell both Raw as well as pure honey

Difference between Raw and Pure honey

Pure Honey: A “pure honey” means that you are getting 100% honey, without any other ingredients (such as corn syrup, which is sometimes added to industrial honey to reduce costs).

Raw Honey: The difference between raw honey and pure honey is that in addition to being pure, “raw” honey has not been heated to the point of pasteurization (no higher than 118°F). The benefit of not heating honey is that the naturally-occurring enzymes, vitamins and minerals are preserved and you get the full benefits of them from eating raw honey. Many beekeepers who produce raw honey are also aware that how they care for the bees and handle the honey has a big impact on the honey you eat, so it’s a good bet that raw honey is good for the bees too and the process has been handled with care. If you have the choice between raw honey vs regular honey, raw honey is a better choice for health, taste, bees and the environment.

Nutritional Facts

  Per 100 gram Per 20 gram
Energy 288 kcal/1229 kJ 58 kcal/246 kJ
Fat (g) 0 0
Carbohydrate (g) 76.4 15.3
– fructose (g) 41.8 8.4
– glucose (g) 34.6 6.9
Protein (g) 0.4 0.08
Other constituents
Water (g) 17.5 3.5
Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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